I know this blog is a little late considering we turned in our storyboards last week, but here goes nothing. My re-mediation project is to create a short educative book for African mothers urging them to stop circumcising their daughters.

For my storyboard, I created a powerpoint presentation as well as the layout for the booklet I am creating. It was really cool and helpful to create a layout to use for all the sections of the book and it helped me plan out what I want to talk about. Using Adobe InDesign has not be the easiest thing; there is definitely a learning curve and I started at the very bottom.

For the layout of the book, I am leaving a lot of white space, colorful pictures, and colorful text. Each section is a different color and the first page of each section has the same map of Africa in the background, which makes the layout consistent. In terms of the content, the language barrier will not be an issue because the book will be translated into different African languages. Also, the book will be printed in color and bound.

This is going to be the cover page of my book!

This is the table of contents and an outline of the book’s objectives for the World Health Organization.

This is an example of what a section will look like. This is the Introduction section and I plan on changing the picture, but this gives you a sense of what the layout is going to be like. What are your thoughts?!

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