My storyboard is kind of lame. Joseph’s is awesome, its this sweet Powerpoint that my final draft only aspires to be, and Paige’s features drawings, so it already wins. Mine is some text boxes of varying sizes (I tried to get them all the same size, believe me, I did) with some Times New Roman, size 12 text explaining my intentions for each slide. But that is okay, this is just a preliminary sort of deal. I never really plan things out before I write them and when I do, it never is very pretty. So here is my storyboard:

Ain't it pretty?







3 thoughts to “Storyboard”

  1. i feel like it doesn’t matter how pretty it looks, as long as it gets the point across which I think yours does for sure. Do you think it was a helpful process?

  2. Alex, I agree with Joline. Your storyboard shows a logical progression of your project, which is important. Do you have any colors or pictures that will inspire the design of your project?

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