Storyboarding with the Best of ‘Em

I was really excited to storyboard for this project.  Storyboarding in general seemed like a pretty cool thing to do – all the Disney people do it, so why not me?  Well, I found out soon enough that storyboarding is kind of boring and time-consuming.  But it was also helpful, so I won’t knock it.

Also, I have got to get me some of those giant corkboards that all the Disney artists seem to have in their behind-the-scenes recreations of Beauty and the Beast because my storyboard just heavily features text boxes.  It’s better than my initial run-through, which heavily featured text boxes and gratuitous swearing (it’s that time of year again, where I religiously count down the days until Thanksgiving).  Here are the (relative) highlights of my storyboard:












Ahhh, the artwork of disgruntled students… I love the overly dramatic depiction of de Gaulle as Hitler (or wait – is it Hitler as de Gaulle? bum bum BUMMM).  To those of you wondering, this isn’t how my website necessarily will look, but everything seems (more or less) to be in order.  Now, if only I could finish my paper for this class, too.  We seem to be developing an unhealthy, parasitic relationship at this point.

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