The elusive “e-PoRtFoLiO”

I’m not feeling too inspired, so I’m just going to answer the prompt questions. As a slight aside, the colors on the left, all of the cool colors: greens, blues, and purples are pretty much all my favorite and I think they will be the color theme for my portfolio.

How do you want to present yourself as a writer?

So I was thinking about this in conjunction with my “Why I Write” paper. I really struggled with that paper initially and eventually, the more I kept writing, I just sort of wrote myself into an epiphany: I write to learn. That essentially is how I want to present myself as a writer; that I’m in this thing, at this moment in my life, to learn more about myself, about the world around me, about how the world works. This is my most genuine attempt at this point in my life. Maybe this will change by the time the capstone, but that’s what it is for now!

Who is your ideal audience?

I guess in a narrow sense, my ideal audience would be a grad school I apply to. I want my portfolio to reflect my own intellectual curiosity. However, I can’t help but keep thinking of this thing as open access to the public, just like a legit website is. In that sense, I would want this to be a destination for the intellectually curious. It would be a place to go if you were curious about something  and it could be a spring board for other more in-depth research.

How can your portfolio be distinctive in terms of presenting yourself as a writer and the   media choices you make?

Well, I think by the above factors I mentioned. It will be a genuine reflection of my intellectual curiosity. I want to use my pieces of writing and work not as the centerpieces, but as the springboard for more research. Maybe an argument in one of my papers will pique someone’s interest. The media of course, will be some kind of website-building platform, probably Weebly at this point. But, I was thinking of making the sides of each page like a corkboard where I could pin related articles, pictures, or links to other things to check out. Or I could make them all pictures and then the pictures would then link to external places.

What reading experience do you want your audience to have?

Inspiring. Not to put more on my plate than I can handle, but that’s what comes to mind. This I feel like is similar to all of the other questions, but I want them to above all find the interface of my portfolio to be easy to navigate and aesthetically pleasing in a simple, clean way. I want them to be inspired to go on and do their own research based on the pages/work I have posted.

How interactive do you want your website to be?

Like I said, I want there to be a lot of links to other places, but presented in a tactful, meaningful way, of course.

I feel like the questions are starting to get repetitive, or at least my answers are, so I shall stop here.

Good. Night.




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