The Mustache Craze

I was not sure if we were supposed to do a post for last week, so I figured I would write a short post (just in case) regarding a topic that I really need some insight on. This may come as some news to some, but to others, you might actually be able to explain to me this new phenomenon of the MUSTACHE. Is this just some hipster thing that is created just to be different or is this something that actually has significance? Because it is really taking off in popularity. I would like to quickly point out that I have nothing against hipsters and also that if you are a hipster, you probably wouldn’t know it or admit it because that would be really un-hip of you.


Take one walk into Middle Earth on  South U and you can find an array of mustache products. Whether they are just a mustache variety pack, a cool mustache keychain or even mustache t-shirts…it is all very strange to me. I have posted some photos of examples and a link to a site that shows just how many interesting and creative things you can do with a mustache.

Click this for a great mustache website!

3 thoughts to “The Mustache Craze”

  1. Yeah, Hannah is right, it is Mo-vember where people grow mustaches to raise awareness about testicular cancer, I believe. I much enjoy the mustache mugs! They are ridiculously cool.

  2. I also have noticed all the mustaches lately!! I started noticing this summer, when I saw mustache jewelry. I dont really get it…glad I’m not the only one.

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