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Why are some people just mean?  I don’t understand why people who could say something constructive choose to say it in a way that demeans the other person.  And my mother’s reasoning for any problem of this sort (“They’re obviously just jealous of you, Jordan!”) doesn’t always apply.  For example, at work there is one supervisor (I will not name her, obviously) who is one of the meanest people that I have ever met.  She just yelled at me for something that could have been stated in a helpful way.  Yes, it was my fault.  No, she did not have to say it in a way that was so mean, I was left crying at the information desk where I work.  It feels so stupid to cry over someone who would never give you a second thought, but I couldn’t help it.  And I don’t mean that I was sobbing (how would that look to someone who was walking in the building) but tears just wouldn’t stop falling down my face.

One of my co-workers who saw the entire thing happen told me that I just got reamed out for no reason and that she must be having a bad day. But that isn’t it.  She is always like this and I think she has no idea how she comes off.  I hear her talk to customers in a gruff, almost condescending voice and I wonder if we ever lose business because of her.  I don’t understand how she came to work as a boss because she has absolutely zero customer service.

So I was sitting at the desk, seriously contemplating quitting, when I began to ask “why are some people just mean?”  I found a really interesting article (yes, it’s from Oprah’s website..) that makes me feel just a little bit of compassion for people who seem to be out to get the world.  Here’s the link to the article:
Though it does make me feel a little bit bad for her (if she really is as hurt as the article would make her seem), it still does not give her an excuse to make others feel bad.  But another thing that I must accept is that, even if she never changes, I need to.  I can’t curl up into a tiny ball and shut out the world whenever something bad happens to me.  I need to realize that other people are going to do things or say things that aren’t always nice and I need to have the confidence to know that because they might be mean to me, doesn’t mean they hate me.  I am going to have to deal with this supervisor Monday-Wednesday-Friday for the rest of the semester, I have to cope somehow.

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