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I don’t want to be that person who stresses out the rest of the class by already having some thoughts about my final e-portfolio, BUT I have been thinking about what I want to do for this final project. I realized that I usually tend to have a lot of creative ideas, but then don’t have the motivation to follow through with them completely. I am deciding to NOT do that with this project. Procrastination is one of my biggest specialties and I am trying to stray away from that this semester. Ideally, by the end of college, I want my e-portfolio to represent me as an individual in the context of being a writer, meaning that I want to be able to have a complete site that displays my best writing both academic and outside of the classroom.

I have experience writing for different websites, which I mostly have done just for fun and to gain print (online) journalism experience. I thought it would be fun to incorporate the work that I have done for these other mediums on my e-portfolio site. I also thought it might be interesting to share these online magazines that I have had the opportunity to write for with a group of people who might actually be interested in them. Last fall, I wrote for the fashion blog, College Fashionista, which is a fashion blog that highlights the “Fashionistas” on campus. I wrote for the University of Michigan page for a section called “Trend of the Week.” The site can be viewed at Although the site’s format has been changed since I wrote for it (in my opinion for the better), it is a great site for anyone who is interested in fashion and also a great site to apply to write for if you are interested in fashion journalism.

I currently write for women’s online lifestyle magazine,, which was started by 3 Harvard graduates. The site has expanded from just one campus to over 75 in just this past year. Campuses around the nation have their own page on the site for their school, which allows readers to read personally relevant articles about happenings, events and people on campus. I write for the section “Campus Celebrities,” which highlights the interesting stories of inspiring women on campus. This has allowed me to reach out to and meet a lot of cool people who I would never have come in contact with otherwise. You can check out this website at: My personal work can be read at

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  1. So cool! I also write for Her Campus (the national page) and have written for College Lifestyles and Lovelyish which are both online fashion/lifestyle publications. I plan to do a similar thing with my online portfolio! I’m interested to see how we will incorporate the academic writing with the “for fun” writing.

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