Writing Lists

When I get stressed out I write lists of what I have to do. I usually end up making multiple lists that all say the same thing, but for some reason the act of making the list calms me down.  It’s ironic though, because in writing list after list after list I am actually wasting more time that I could be doing something productive.

It may seem like common sense that acutely doing my work is more productive than making lists but I took me a while to realize this.  Last year I was home for the weekend and was doing homework.  My mom saw me making a list of things I had to do and told me that by making the list I was procrastinating.  Yes, this is rather obvious, but for some reason because I was writing things down that were related to school I did not think of it this way.

Even after my mom pointed out my list-making-procrastination, I still make my lists.  It might take me longer to actually do my work, but I get it done eventually.

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