One of the things that I really love about writing is that you get to have a completed, finished product. Sometimes the process can be cruel and grueling, but man, when you’re done, it’s awesome.

I am actually pretty darn happy with my finished ePortfolio. I didn’t really add that many outside extra pieces, but the tabs are there for when I do get around to archiving them (probably over break).  Despite the constraints of a template on WordPress, I was able to make it my own and do most of everything I wanted. I was especially happy with the headers that I was able to customize and add in my own photos. It was really important to me to have some of my own photos in there and with the help of the Knowledge Navigation Center, I was able to do that!

Some things that I still want to work on would be primarily aesthetics-focused. I really wanted to be able to change the font, which I couldn’t do without paying for. I also would like to play around with some other ways to present my work. I realize that this is still an online workspace and that super long posts aren’t exactly conducive to surfing the web, so I would probably eventually make more tabs and do shorter posts? I’m not really entirely sure yet.

I tried to make the theme of my Why I Write paper pretty much be the theme of my ePortfolio because it really is representative of where I am as a writer. Hopefully you will see the same arc across both of the pieces. I wanted to kind of make the theme the idea that we are all lifelong learners and students in our own ways. That’s what I’m going to take with me as I leave the gateway minor course. I’m going to be thinking about all of the things I could be archiving and remember to save my drafts as separate files every time. 🙂

I’ve liked everyone’s portfolios so far that I’ve seen and best of luck to everyone through our next couple of semesters! See you all in the blogosphere.

Oh, and a link to my e-portfolio: http://katiebrownportfolio.wordpress.com/


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  1. Your portfolio turned out great!! I remember the very beginning of this course, when all of these assignments were just ideas and now we’ve actually accomplished them. Congrats on being done and I hope to see you around campus!

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