Doneeee and It Feels So Good

Okay, in my head that was to the tune of “reunited and it feels so good.”  I’m not entirely sure why I put that, it’s late and my brain is completely fried.

But anyways, I really am done.  I am so happy with my final portfolio.  It’s crazy that someone who came into this class without any knowledge of website building could leave with a semi-professional looking product.  It has really taken a lot of work but I feel like it definitely captures myself.  I wanted my website to be really simple and modern.  I didn’t want there to be a ton of bells and whistles, just a small design and then my work.  I decided to put in categories of the writing that I showcased and then also have an about me and resume page in case I want to utilize this portfolio for grad school apps or as a supplement to my resume.

I think that if I were to continue working on it, I could add more pictures that correspond to each of my pieces of writing.  Currently, I have a picture that goes with each category if you click on the broad tab and not an individual piece of work but I think there would be the possibility for expansion.  I considered pairing the pieces with pictures while I was creating this portfolio but then decided that I would rather have the writing speak for itself.

I think that the opportunity to create a online portfolio has really been a challenge and a blessing. I am so happy that it is finished and I am really happy with the final product (sometimes I go to the website just to look at it and marvel in the fact that I did that myself, lame I know).  I hope you guys like it too.

Here’s the link for the site:   If anyone has any comments or suggestions, I’ d love to hear them, even if they are after the assignment is due.  I plan on using this for our Writing400 course so new ideas would be great.

Thanks for a great semester guys. I think we really became close as a class and I love that. I hope I get to see each of you in the 400 course! 🙂

3 thoughts to “Doneeee and It Feels So Good”

  1. Your portfolio is awesome!! It’s extremely organized and I like that you included so much outside work. I really enjoyed reading your letter to your boyfriend’s parents and I was curious if they ever saw it/if they know you two are dating. I imagine it would be really hard to date someone who couldn’t tell his family about you. Did they ever get over their son having a white girlfriend?

  2. Thanks so much Katy! The whole thing with my boyfriend’s parents is a huge mess. I wrote that letter about two years ago for english 225 when our relationship was just starting. Now things have gotten a little more serious between us and though his parents do know about me now, they refuse to meet me. I never did give them the letter (I never even let my boyfriend read it) but I was thinking that it might be interesting to write a follow-up letter that shows where my thoughts are at now. I’m not sure if I’ll do it but I have been considering it.

  3. Wow! I loved reading your creative writing pieces. The story that inspired your re-purposing and re-mediation projects was great. I enjoyed the letter to your boyfriend’s parents too. I think you should write a follow-up letter and give it to them. If they refuse to meet you, they can at least meet you through your writing. I would definitely read a book written by you!

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