E-Portfolio Indecisiveness

I’m having a hard time choosing a layout for my e-portfolio. For my re-mediation project, I found a layout that suited my project and personality easily. I’m having no such luck with my e-portfolio. I keep changing my platform. Weebly is not striking a chord with me this time. WordPress is too bloggy. Google Sites is too childish looking. I’m frustrated.

I envision my portfolio as a professional website that still has a certain level of uniqueness. What I am finding in reality is that the “unique” layouts look unprofessional and the professional ones look, well, drab.

I think I need to step away from it for a while and come back.

Compliments of Nasrul Ekram, Flickr

On a different note, I have already settled (well, let’s be honest, I’ve settled for now) on an organization for my e-portfolio: analyzing writing, politically motivated writing, and professional experience. My initial and last essay for this class will be in the first category whereas my projects in the middle will be in the second. The final section will just showcase my experience professionally and with student organizations.

I want to use my e-portfolio to fulfill the requirements of the class and be functional for future internship and job applications. I have realized that this functionality has made me hypercritical of my blogs. The sarcastic and  self-deprecating tone sounds unprofessional, which is prevalent in my blogs. I think I might edit some of my blogs to sound more conducive to a professional theme.

So that’s where I am at: a standstill. However, I know what I need to do.


Joseph Elliott

Hello, my name is Joseph Elliott, and I am a student at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, obtaining a Minor in Writing.

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