First of all, let me just say that using our blog right now is totally weirding me out cause I have been working on my eportfolio for so long, it’s weird to be seeing WordPress again in a different format.  Second of all, I also need to say that Lauren Atkins is a genius and I am totally indebted to her.  She has helped me soo much in less than twenty four hours.  At the beginning of class yesterday, I was completely lost.  I aimlessly switched from Weebly to WordPress to Google Sites and then finally back to WordPress.  I couldn’t even get myself started.  But once I did, I couldn’t stop.  I think in the last twenty-ish minutes of class, I really started to kick things into gear.  And that is an empowering feeling!  Because I was so insecure about my abilities to build myself a website, once I realized that I could do it there was no stopping me!  Now I realize that this post might sound melodramatic and too positive but I am in such a positive mood.  I really like looking at my website and knowing that I made that and feeling a sense of pride in it.

If only I could feel the same about my remediating project.  TechDeck here I come…

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