I am very happy with how my ePortfolio turned out!  It is very clean and simple, just how I pictured it to be.  This semester has really taught me a lot about the usefulness and importance of new media writing.  The aspect of new media writing that I find most different from traditional writing but most useful at the same time is how the design and layout can affect the argument being made.  With this in mind, I created a very clean looking portfolio that really puts my writing (and the journey I took to get to each of my final drafts) on display.  For me, a writing portfolio should be all about the writing.  I think that the clean and minimal look of my portfolio really enhances this idea but making my writing the central piece of the portfolio.

In addition to its clean look, I chose not to include any images in my portfolio other than the banner that is on the top of every page.  I did not include any pictures of myself, because I think there is something so cool about my audience getting to know me through my writing.  Not that you really know someone from a picture, but you get the point.  I think that adding a picture of myself or even of my interests does not go hand in hand with the overall purpose of my portfolio.  I really wanted to stress my writing and the journey I took to create each of my final essays, and dont think that including pictures would work to enhance this goal.

The process of creating this portfolio was actually very similar to my writing process when writing a paper.  I did a lot of writing and revising.  I also changed the layout of my portfolio several times, making the process of creating the portfolio itself very similar to the process of writing.  I think that choosing to make a sports blog for my re-mediation assignment really helped me with the design and layout of the portfolio.  After making the sports blog, I knew which of my goals were realistic and which were not.  I also was slightly more familiar with wordpress which  was very helpful.

I think that my portfolio does a good job of portraying me as a writer.  I have learned to value the writing process, and I think that my portfolio really reflects this.  I think that this comes through in the many reflections that I have for each of the Writing 200 essays, as well as on the home page where I discuss my writing and writing process.

As I leave this gateway and continue to the rest of the minor, I am excited to continue writing and put to use all that I have learned in Writing 200.  I think that the biggest thing that I have learned in this class is the value of the writing process (whether it be new media or traditional writing), and I am excited to continue learning about the writing process in the writing classes that I take in the future!

Thanks everyone for a great semester!  I have loved looking at your portfolios!

One more thing– my portfolio is complete but I have not yet officially submitted it.  I need to take a break from looking at it and then read it again later tonight with a fresh pair of eyes!

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