Not having a computer for a whole week right before finals was a traumatic experience. Sorry I haven’t blogged in a while; I’m going to spend this blogpost talking about my in-class essay.

I focused my essay around the difference between print writing and new media in terms of audience. New media writing is unique because it constantly forces the creator (I refer to the author as a creator because there’s more than just writing involved with new media) to consider the potential audience when making decisions about layout, design, and content. For me, print writing is a much more personal and selfish process between myself and the blank Microsoft Word template in front of me. I rarely think about audience in the initial stages of print writing and often, I don’t consider the audience unless prompted by a teacher to describe the intended audience.

Furthermore, I have noticed that in my blog entries and re-mediation project, I often directly address the audience, which is something I would never do in print writing. New media writing gives the creator an opportunity to directly connect with their audience and actually engage in conversations through comment boxes (when available).

As I thought about the essay prompt, I came to the realization that while I do write to understand and express my emotions (this is what I wrote in my “Why I Write” essay), I also write for political purpose. I write to persuade people and to encourage change. For instance, my entire re-mediation project is geared around convincing African mothers to stop circumcising their daughters.

Initially I thought I hated new media writing, but I’ve come to realize that this genre of writing has led me to analyze my audience, which is an important skill signifying my development this semester. I guess you could say I have a “love/hate relationship” with new media writing!

New Media Writing

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