The syllabus says to blog about our ideas about our remediation projects, or our portfolios. Dear Readers, you’re in for a treat, here is my update on both!

Remediation Project: Is going fairly well; I have to clean up the language on the slides. I do like the background the way it is. Later this week, I’m going to look into voice recording software to create the speech-y bit. I’m looking into some differences between language used in spoken pieces rather than written ones.

Portfolio: Once I gave up on WordPress (it is, in fact, a blog. ) and checked out GoogleSites, I made quite a bit of progress. I have this lovely layout that looks like  a cork board, and even have some pieces up! It is turning out a bit more of a “fun” portfolio than a professional one, but it is not a bad direction. As I have mentioned before, I am woefully inept with technology (I used to call .gifs “jiffs”) so wrestling with changing the menus on my site has been an adventure. I want it to be simple, so html is not in my future, barring any sort of revelation.

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