Just did at dance in the library…

DONE! YAY! I may or may not be dancing in the Ugli.  28 hours until I’m done with the semester!!!

Click Me. Click Me. Click Me. It’s my e-portfolio!!!!!!! 

Overall, I’m actually really happy with the way that my e-portfolio came out.  I wanted to give it a primarily professional look which I feel like I did with the clean format.  I debated whether or not I wanted to add the scrapbook tab at the top which in the end definitely completed the entire portfolio.  Making the e-portfolio was actually a lot more enjoyable than I thought it would be.  I’m already planning on adding other writing pieces to it from my courses next semester which seem like they will fit into the overall politically motivated scheme.  I like the dynamic between the professional and the personal.  I think that it gives the viewer a complete way to seeing the work that I wanted to show while still having a chance to learn about me in my biography and scrapbooks.

I wish that I could have gotten the links to work better.  Originally, I wanted to split the Why I Write and Smoking Ban tabs up to have separate pages for each writing piece.  I wanted to have a home page for the theme and then links to the other pages to make it easy to navigate.  However, the Weebly links were really tricky for me for some reason.  I just wanted them to say “Op-Ed” and “Newspaper,” and they just wouldn’t do that for me.  I ended up putting all of the links on the same page which I’m worried makes it seem a little bit cluttered.

The process for me was actually really enjoyable and brought me back to the MySpace days where I would attempt to go through the html code to change things.  I ended up making minimal changes to the layout because I would try to play with the pixels and mayhem would ensue.  I spent a lot of time debating between WordPress and Weebly and finally went with Weebly because I thought that it looked less like a blog and more like its own website.  I really liked working in the flash based websites so I hope that by the time my final portfolio is created, there is a solid site for me to do it on.  I thought that the flash gave me a ridiculous amount of freedom to change the layout without having to try to navigate html code so that would be really cool in the future.

My main concern with leaving the gateway class is remembering to blog.  I don’t statistically have the best track record with remembering to blog so I’m trying to figure out the best way for me to keep up while I’m not in a course.  I’m currently debating setting an alarm on my calendar so it emails me to remind me which I think should be useful.  I look forward to being able to keep in contact with my cohort.  I’ve really enjoyed the dynamic in the class.  We all know more about each others lives that just what pertains to the course which is a nice environment to work in!



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