my last words. MEOW

And yet again, I sit wondering where the time has gone–3 semesters away from graduating and I still feel like a freshman.

Ok, maybe not. I’m pretty positive that Freshman Rachel couldn’t have done this. BAM!!! But to be real, I’m not sure how I feel about my eportfolio. There’s something about it that still feels like it’s a work in progress…maybe that’s a good thing?

(Also I just realized we have a beautiful slate of text colors to play with that I neglected all semester long...SHOOOOOOT). 

I noticed that an unintentional theme started to develop as I kept adding more artwork to it, and that’s mainly because the street art I included has a more profound message than I originally intended it to have . The street signs and the painted fire hydrant all have messages that are not my own, but are shared by people of the community. The graffiti is especially moving to me, because it was created by the homeless of Ann Arbor, and some of the words and phrases reflect their deep feelings about society and the role that they play in it. The brick walls of alleyways have become the medium through which they communicate to thousands of passersby…it’s kinda like new media writing in a weird way.

Their messages reflects my theme that “everyone has something worth saying,” and that new media writing is the most effective when participants enter into it with a genuine curiosity and a mind that is willing to be shaped and challenged by others. While most of the pieces that I posted on the portfolio are argumentative essays that I’ve written in the past, I’ve come to realize that it’s the dialogues that invite others in, and encourage them to speak up that are oftentimes the most satisfying to be a part of. I began this semester thinking that whoever can pen the best articulated argument shall rein victorious, and only realized that I’d be entering into a crowded room and a yelling match with that attitude towards writing.

Much like the pieces of street art, I think that my one and only goal as a writer is to provoke thought, or at least create the space for others to by asking questions. I don’t think that an argumentative approach towards writing always creates that space quite like dialogue does.

So my friends, to be EXTRA cheesy: say what you need to say–because the world needs to hear it.

The End.

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  1. Wow. Really liked the portfolio. There was enough contextual language to orient the reader and I really liked the message. Also, your short essays are really good! Nice work and I’ll be seeing you around!

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