New Media.. no thanks.

I don’t know what to blog about as the semester is coming to a close, so I’ll just add some info about the in class essay we did today.

I hate new media/technology. I mean, sure, I use it. But that’s because society forces me too. Do I use Facebook? Twitter? Yes because I want to stay connected with my friends and social events. Do I blog? Yes, for this and other classes/clubs. Do I send emails constantly? How could I not? Do I shop online? Sometimes because it’s the only way I can find weird, obscure things.  Do I read newspapers online? Some I have too because they are no longer in print.

But I hate it. I wouldn’t use a cell phone if everyone else did. I wouldn’t use this blog if it wasn’t for a grade, and I wouldn’t constantly be on facebook if my friends weren’t trying to tell me things.  I prefer handwriting things over typing, reading things instead of skimming on a website. The internet is too distracting to me. I know it offers all these wonderful things, but honestly, I could do without it.

I realize a lot of good has come from all the technology and new media that has been established over the past ten or so years. But I’m tired of it.  And the sad thing is is that in my lifetime, it’s only going to become ever more present in my daily life.  This is why I try to hold onto things that matter to me, such as writing letters.  And what scares me is that I’m going to get so behind in new media since I dislike it so much that one day for my job I won’t be able to figure things out because I’ve been so distant from it.

4 thoughts to “New Media.. no thanks.”

  1. Weirdly, I wrote about almost this exact same thing. I don’t like new media either but I think the reason I am so against it is that I am uncomfortable with it. I don’t completely understand everything and I don’t have the patience to learn it when there is a perfectly fine way of writing with a pencil and paper.

  2. I share some of both of your feelings about new media, I’m not totally resistive, but I’m definitely not gung-ho (wow, that looks weird in print) about technology. It makes me feel dated, which just sucks. I also think the point that Rachel K. brought up in class about how she feels like her feelings regarding new media more closely parallel her parents’ is really true. I feel like an old woman the way I talk about technology! It’s weird, you’d think more of us would be on-board with this stuff since we grew up with it.

  3. Hey, I just wrote a letter today. Letter pride, yeah! I agree with your post – I think at heart I’d just love to live about fifty to a hundred years ago so it would be socially acceptable to go and live in a cabin in the woods and write letters. That’s it, I’ve got to read Walden again.

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