One More Re-Med Project

Hey everyone,

So below is the link to my re-med project. I’m just going to warn you…my voice is not NPR material.  So a little bit of context:

My source piece was a lit review I did about the the effects physical activity on age-related cognitive decline, particularly Alzheimer’s disease. My re-purposed piece was an article for TIME. For the re-mediation, I made a Prezi (which I completely just remade after getting some feedback) with a Jing voiceover. It’s only 2.5 minutes long and very simple, but it keeps to my audience which is older, sedentary adults who are beginning to present with Alzheimer’s disease. The presentation is meant to be a short overview of an intervention program for the aforementioned population. You will notice there are not a lot of “wowing” transitions and this was done intentionally for the purpose of my audience (lots of zooming for older adults=not good). I also cut most of the really detailed stuff about Alzheimer’s disease onset and progression for the sake of clarity and telling my audience what they need to know to have a general idea. Let me know any feedback you guys have! Thanks!

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