Portfolio Reflection

I am very happy with my ePortfolio. I was able to display my writing pieces, incorporate web 2.0 elements such as Twitter, and pick a theme/color scheme that reflects the real me. I like how I separated my writing portfolio into academic writing and magazine journalism and then divided each section into sub-pages based on subject/ publication. I am happy with the introductions I wrote for each section and am glad I decided to include photos that fit well with each area of my portfolio. I even included videos in certain places and hyperlinks throughout. I figured I would take advantage of the possibilities of new media writing.

I still want to work on the specific organization of my writing samples. I tagged my essays and articles with the same name of the category they are in which could get confusing to some readers. I also included some essays in both the re-mediation and re-purposing category because they relate to both categories, but I am not sure if this was the best way to organize things. Right now, I have a few writing samples from other subjects, but I may want to include more in the future. I would have liked to make the font bigger so everything is easier to read, but I discovered that WordPress isn’t as customizable as people might think. I may end up changing my theme in the future in order to utilize a bigger font size.

Creating this ePortfolio was a fun, relatively easy process for me. This could be because I have already made about 5 blogs/websites on WordPress. I am a blogging expert!  The process did take a lot of time and planning though. I had to design the portfolio, decide which writing samples to include, and figure out how to incorporate my writing into the portfolio in the best way possible. Designing this ePortfolio took a lot of trial-and-error and a lot of patience, both of which paid off.

I think I successfully presented myself as a writer looking for freelance work. By including both academic papers and magazine writing, I was able to show the diversity of my writing. My writing credentials are evident through the links to the writing I’ve done for various online and print publications.

I feel very positive about writing and am optimistic about my future career aspirations after leaving the gateway course. I’m fortunate that we were able to cater the writing assignments in this class to our own interests and purposes. I look forward to archiving my writing and perfecting my ePortfolio as I enter the capstone course.

Goodbye Writing 200; it’s been fun! Good luck with Winter semester everyone!

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  1. Hey Erica! Your portfolio turned out great!! You have so much information and samples of your work on there, but at the same time you’ve managed to keep it fun and girly. I saw your video that you sent to Seventeen and I was wondering what exactly that was for/what happened with that. Did you get to be one of the freshman fifteen?

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