Thanks for a Great Semester!

If you asked me four months ago, I never thought I’d create my own website or any form of new media writing in a million years, but here I am one website, a blog, and a book later, completing the Gateway course for the Minor in Writing. I’ve really enjoyed learning how to utilize the web in a way that can improve my writing and extend it to a wide-reaching audience. I also am thankful for getting the opportunity to get to know each of my classmates through their blogs, projects, and in class. It’s remarkable how unique all of our work is and everyone in this class is a true individual. Writing 200 really allowed us to be ourselves and express ourselves creatively through our writing.

I am really proud of the book I created because it turned a dark, often gruesome subject into a bright and colorful piece with a positive educational message. I plan to use what I’ve learned about new media writing and InDesign and continue to improve my book. I know I complain a lot about female genital cutting, but I really want to make a difference for the women in Africa affected by this procedure, whether I do it through writing or humanitarian activism (or both).

If you have a few minutes, please check out my portfolio: For some reason I can never figure out how to hyperlink on this particular blog, but I did it at least 20 times in my portfolio I swear! I’m really proud of how my portfolio turned out. I decided to tell the story of my development through writing and how it parallels my maturity throughout college in a subtle way that answers the ever-evolving question: Why I Write. I provided many examples of my writing from this class, a couple English classes I’ve taken in the past, my outside research, a science course, and women’s health. I chose not to include more than 10 pictures because I liked the simplistic layout. I also chose not to incorporate media such as music for a similar reason. I wanted my portfolio to be about why I write and my writing process. I worked really hard to tell the story of my writing in an organized website. I inserted the comment function because I think feedback is really important and I would be honored if you guys left me comments!

Thanks again for a wonderful semester and good luck in all of your future endeavors!

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