Thinking About My E-Portfolio

I realized that I have been seriously lacking on my blog posts and since the end of the semester is right around the corner, I figured that I need to change that. I also wanted to think through my ideas for my e-portfolio and I have found that when I start talking or WRITING, I usually come up with my best ideas. I have created a basic frame on Word Press for my e-portfolio including a variety of pages and sections. Organization is a key aspect of my portfolio. I definitely want my site to be not only aesthetically pleasing, but also easy to navigate. To showcase the work that I have done in this class, I plan to have a tab that says “Writing Across Media” that displays my source piece, my re-purposing piece and my re-mediation piece. I plan to title the sub-tabs in a way that individuals who are not in our class would understand as well.

Since I think that I will primarily be using this site for professional purposes, I am going to include an About Me Bio, including a photo of myself. I also am going to have a tab with my most up-to-date resume. I have not worked out the exact details about what other work I want to incorporate on my page. I also think that I want to incorporate the work that I have done for the website because this demonstrates my ability to write in different genres and highlights that I am not just an academic writer.

Lastly, since I woke up in a great mood for an unknown reason, I will leave you guys with a little something that is funny:


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