Thinking about writing about writing

So. I have halfheartedly started my eportfolio and I am very excited about the possibilities for it. However, I am equally frustrated by the constraints of a template. I do not know enough about html/css/whatever to do anything without a template, but I think that because I spent so much time just thinking about the portfolio and not making it, I was able to get these delusions of grandeur about what it could look like when realistically, it is far out of my skill set.

That being said, I was thinking about all of the technology I have been exposed to and used in this class and it is quite a fair amount. I have started blogging, begun to build a website, made a prezi, recorded a voice over with Jing, viewed my work on, peer conferenced with voicethread, and edited photos with picnik. I’d say that’s pretty neat. I have decided for my website I am just going to use all of my own photos to avoid copyright infringement stuff. I edited the photo I took in picnik and it is currently the header picture on my website. I’m pretty proud of it. 🙂 Even though it’s only one tiny step in a very long process.

From here, I’m going to jump into the in-class writing we are doing on Tuesday. I think the biggest difference that I have found for me personally as I write, is the element of design. Aspects like font, color, layout all take precedence over content. Last week, I went to a tradeshow for a class a couple of my friends were in. The class was called Integrated Product Design and each team of students (2 business students, 2 engineers, 1 art and design student) had to create, from scratch, an entire product, including pricing, marketing, business model, advertising, everything and then present it at this trade show. A lot of work went into each product, but when it came down to it, what mattered were the aesthetics. How the product was presented, what the team members were wearing, how the product looked and felt. Things like cost, sustainability, and materials were drowned by how good, or bad, the actual product looked. I feel like the same concept applies to our website building/e-portfolios and is also for me, the biggest difference between normal writing and technology writing.


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