Thoughts on Re-Mediating

So I just make some touch-ups on my Podcast and have a few thoughts on the process I thought might be worth sharing with y’all.

For this assignment, I re-mediated an argumentative journal article which might be found in Foreign Policy Magazine into a podcast which one might listen to on NPR, and specifically on “Talk of the Nation.”

The new broadcast retains the same title that I gave my journal article, Measuring Equality in a Globalized World: A theoretical approach to evaluating how the international community understands global women’s rights and advocates on behalf of them,however I had to change quite a bit about the information which was presented in the Re-purposed assignment to fit appropriately into this new medium.

What has been the most challenging about this assignment is that my thoughts have really been evolving quite dramatically as I’ve put more thought into the initial argument that I presented. I took a pretty strong stance in my re-purposed assignment, but did not necessarily propose any solution. I merely stated that I believe the approach that the US has taken towards improving the status of women is problematic and needs to be discussed.

As the semester has progressed, I’ve continued to do a lot more research on the subject of human rights, interventions of the UN and World Bank in development, and on women’s equality around the world. I’ve realized how incredibly narrow my article is! Granted, argumentative articles in Foreign Policy Magazine do not necessarily take on all objections and complexities of an issue, but I realized in my research that all my journal article really did was introduce a problematic issue.

I couldn’t ignore all these additional questions I was having regarding my subject matter. There is so much more that needs to be explained, developed, and tested, and the format of a journal article didn’t allow me to do this–but the Re-Mediated assignment did.

Initially, I thought that my talk-show would be an insightful dialogue between 2 visiting scholars who has opposite perspectives on the argument I presented. Then I though that such a drastic range of opinions would be awkward, and definitely not the type of broadcast NPR airs. So then I though I would just talk with two scholars who presented compatible ideas regarding the subject matter–but there was still something unsatisfying about this. It seemed too one-sided to be, and that is certainly not the style of NPR.

I decided instead to make the talk-show a presentation of a controversial research project. Instead of just presenting more arguments either in favor of my initial idea or against it, I decided it would be most appropriate to make the subject of discussion for the podcast an investigation to either prove or dispute my argument.

The title of the research project that the two professors conducted, and which they present on the show, is entitled “Measuring Gender Equality: Approaches and Incentives for Improving the Status of Women.”

I’m pleased with the Re-Mediation and with the approach I decided to take on it overall, but am a bit concerned about the tone of voice of my roommates when they read the script I gave them. Let’s just say they’re not aspiring talk-show personalities…but I think that this is probably a minor issue for the assignment. After all, not everyone can listen to podcasts, which is why interview transcripts or See Full Story is always included for the stories broadcasted on NPR’s website.

THAT’S ALL FOLKS! Holler at me if you need some Garage Bank pointers!





4 thoughts to “Thoughts on Re-Mediating”

  1. I really liked seeing the progression of your thought process for your project through the post. You have kind of a cool space here to work with. You clearly have done your research, you have strong opinions and are vested in the subject, and now if you propose a totally radical or maybe even, improbable, solution, it’s OK because it’s a fictional podcast and since it’s NPR, you’ll always have both sides : ) Nice work!

  2. Wow, your topic does seem broad. And interesting and meaningful! I can tell that you’re really interested in this problem of motivation behind offering aid to women in other “developing” countries, and I think that it matters that your mind (and heart) is fully engaged with this topic. I totally want to listen to your podcast now! (or read the transcript? I’m sure your roomies aren’t that bad…) 🙂

  3. I really enjoyed your presentation in class. My favorite part was how you formatted your podcast to not be a debate but a discussion, which I think is really important when dealing with issues in other countries. Debates don’t usually get anyone anywhere, which isn’t helpful. Good luck with your project, and with fixing the accent! 🙂

  4. Thanks so much for all of the support guys, really meant a lot!!
    I hope to be seeing you all around next semester…maybe we’ll all reconvene in writing 400?? Anyways, have amazing holiday breaks.

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