Will I ever escape Female Genital Cutting?

For my CICS 301 class (Human Security) we had to email our GSI possible questions for the final blue book exam. One of the topics we studied was FGC and of course when we studied it, I sent the professor a list of 3 really interesting articles to read about the topic. Naturally, my question that I submitted for the blue book exam was about FGC. I mean how perfect would it be if I could write an essay on a final about something I’ve already done 4 papers, 1 grant proposal, and a re-mediation project about? I didn’t really think that out of 300 students and dozens of human security topics, my question about FGC would be chosen, but it was! Not only was my question chosen, but the professor suggested people read the articles I posted about the topic. I’m really hoping it ends up being one of the essay questions…

I feel as if it’s gotten to the point where I’m a walking encyclopedia of information about FGC. This has proven to be difficult for my re-mediation project because I described several things and didn’t cite them because it’s just something I know off the top of my head. The hard part of the re-mediation (besides using inDesign) is going back and figuring out what needs to be cited better.

I’m excited to present my re-mediation project in class tomorrow. I decided not to bind my book for several reasons. 1. I decided it’s going to be a prototype sent to the World Health Organization that would eventually be translated and produced. 2. I don’t really want to pay to print it in color or get it bound. 3. I only leave the library to sleep for 4 hours, go to class, or go to my research, so there’s no chance I’m leaving to walk all the way to Kinkos!

Good luck with finals everyone and see you all tomorrow!

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