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As I started brainstorming for my writing new media essay and looked over the list of comparisons we came up with in class, one word jumped out at me (that wasn’t even on the list): freedom. Writing in new media is to freedom as writing in traditional forms is to confinement.

How is new media writing related to freedom?

  • Freedom of choice (the possibilities are endless)
  • Freedom of expression/creativity (multiple modes of expression, more freedom to be creative by incorporating different design elements)
  • Freedom of presentation (chronological, circular, etc.)
  • Freedom of exposure (post online, post on social networking sites, link to other pages, email, share)

How is traditional writing related to confinement?

  • Forced choice (type into a word document, use APA format)
  • Restricted to text only (where is the creativity in this?)
  • Static presentation (into, body, conclusion, thesis, supporting arguments, concrete examples)
  • Limited options for exposure (post to ctools, print out and hand in to teacher, file in a folder, save as doc)

Traditional writing doesn’t do justice to Freedom of Speech, but new media writing does.

What do you think of this as a guiding theme for my essay? Should I narrow it down to one specific thing or is it okay to have the sub-sections of the main idea “freedom”?



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