[Pika!] Reflectionzzzz

If you are reading this, you played a role in giving me one of the best classes I’ve ever taken. Never before have I taken a class full of such smart, wonderful people that forced me to look inside myself and reflect on my own opinions. It was a welcome change to the normal classes I’m usually in. Plus, we had Ray, which was such a blessing in itself. I have a friend starting the Minor next semester and I told her she just HAD to have Ray. Luckily she does and I can’t wait for her to come home and tell me how much she loves the class, just like I did. So I thank each and every one of you for being awesome!

My point for this post is to have a place to put our favorite memories of the class. I shall give the first one:

My favorite memory of this class was definitely Ray’s question about how we would change our own appearance if we could. I loved it because the responses were hilarious and amazing, but also because it went beyond the normal ideas of hair color, instead going to anthropological changes too.

Anyhoo, post your own memories!

[Pika!] Would You Rather Have a Longer Winter, or a Long Summer?

Taking some time away from my last-minute portfolios preparations, I thought I’d pop on here to pose one more question before we all finish up our Gateway assignments.

If any of you were not aware, U of M (for one reason or another) decided to start winter break a little earlier this year, and have it last a little longer.  What this results in is both a later “spring” break (one which finally starts outside of February) as well as a summer break that starts a week early.

For me, I prefer the shift.  I find that by the end of the fall semester, I really just need a good, long break.  In the past, I haven’t been able to be home for too long before it feels like I have to go back to school again.  With the added week, I actually have time to come home, relax, and see lots of friends without feeling like I’ll be back in school the next day.  Not only that, but I like “spring” break not starting at the end of a cold, snowy month.  The one downside I can think of is summer starting later, which means finding a job can be more difficult and I have less time to move back home before all my friends start coming home too and asking to hang out.

Overall though, I think I like this longer-winter-break change the school made.  What about you?

[Pika!] What Have I Learned?

I’m sitting here done with all my other classes and reflecting back on my time in the Gateway Course.  If I had to pick one thing that I learned the most about, it would be myself.  Our class conversations covered as many topics as you can possibly imagine, and through each conversation I learned a little bit more about my classmates but a lot about myself. It made me think about things critically, to view things in a difference lens than what I had originally been doing.

I also learned more about myself as a writer. I had to do things in this class–rewriting, reanalyzing, remediating, etc–that I had not done in previous classes.  It was insightful and helpful in realizing that while I may enjoy writing (and may even be half-way decent at it), I still have so much to learn.  My classmates and teachers reminded me that while they possess skills that I don’t have, it is never too late to start learning new techniques and new forms of writing and/or expression.

Enough about myself.  I came up with a list of five things that I distinctly recall/found hilarious/think about when remembering this class.  Please add onto the list if you can think of things I am forgetting!

1. We’ve got the power…not them, us.

2. People are weird.  And its awesome. (There are too many different stories popping up in my head right now, I’m sure you can all think of some too).

3. Some people like politics. Most people don’t.

4. People have different ideas, different emotions, and different ways of expression.  You need to spend time with them and get to know them before making any rash judgements.

5. Comic Book stores can do more than just sell comic books!

[Pika!] Are You a Planner?

So, as the clock is winding down, I can’t help but think this isn’t exactly how I had planned to get things done for this class.  Now, I always had somewhat planned to be finishing things slightly last-minute, but just not as many things as I’ve been doing in the past week.  I still consider myself a planner though, and to me, there are three “types” of planners:

1.) People who make very strict plans and follow them as closely as possible.

2.) People who like to plan, but leave wiggle room.

3.) People who don’t really plan at all.

In my opinion, I am in the second group.  I plan a lot.  If friends want to hang out, I like to plan what we’re doing.  I plan when I’m going to get homework done.  On larger scales, I plan what classes I’m going to take for the rest of undergrad, and I plan on how my graduate school life will go.  I like having an idea of what is going to happen, but I fully admit to myself that it’s probably not going to always go that way, so I allow wiggle room (especially when it comes to planning my class schedule).  In fact, most of the time I plan something, it doesn’t go how I expect.  But I still like to have an idea of what will happen.

But to make a long post short, what do you consider yourself?  Do you think the above three groups are accurate, or do you fall into some other category?

(Pika!) Finishing Up Your Final Projects

As the due date is nearing, I have started to worry about every last detail of my blog site and my final formal assignments.  Does anybody have any advice that they want to share about how they managed to get everything done, or what they still have to do?  I have found that if I just sit down and decide to get a bunch of stuff done and make substantial progress on editing my “Big Three,” then I find myself not wanting to stop.  Hope everyone is getting to where they want to be! Let me know if you want/need some extra eyes for editing purposes or just some encouragement!


This.seems.so.unreal. I’m actually really happy with the way my ePortfolio turned out! It’s kind of nerdy, but I’ve already showed it off to my entire family. Don’t be fooled, it was definitely a challenge, but I had such a great support system with Shelley and all of you in my Writing Minor class, so thank you all for your great feedback!

It’s been real, wordpress. Thanks for not deleting all my work or giving me too many ridiculous problems.

Two more finals and then…

See y’all soon =)

…But not THAT soon.

Happy Holidays!

WordPress: 987342 Me: 1


I have never been so frustrated with electronic as I have been with this e-portfolio. It’s weird because I consider myself to be a pretty tech-y person but HOLYYY SHIZZZ wordpress hates me. After the complete mess I created, I have managed to sort through the rummage and put together this baby under so much pressure.


Here is the link: sarahlynvollmer.wordpress.com

CHECK IT OUT!!!!!!!!! Then tell me how much you love it–it will ease the pain of what I have gone through in the last 48 hours.

Goodbye for now!



The Cape

When we were asked to choose a topic that we were passionate about, one place came to mind, Cape Cod. It is my favorite place in the world and if you are wondering why, you can explore my ePortfolio.

My ePortfolio is not about “why I LOVE Cape Cod.” However, I found that when your passionate about something, it shines through your writing. I did not have intentions of gett as personal as I did with the Gateway project of re-purposing and re-mediating. There were even times when I avoided getting personal, and would sacrifice the quality of my writing to maintain privacy. In the past I have been able to get away with this, not fully exposing myself through my writing. But the writing process, that was so strongly emphasized in this class, did not allow me to keep up the walls. It was like each piece came after me with a different weapon: my original piece with paper, re-purposing: scissors, re-mediation: rocks, and then the two “re” pieces came at me all at once with giant boulders, demolishing every wall.

The gateway course has helped me discover who I am as a writer. And even though I am still at an early stage in this discovery process, the most improvement I have made yet was influenced by this class. (See, everything in life is a process!). I am excited to approach writing with new techniques. My strongest newly learned technique is sharing who I am through my writing.

Farewell for Now

This semester crept by when I wasn’t looking, and now it’s time to bid my fellow writers goodbye for now.  I’m really glad I had such a smart group of people to start this minor out with, and I hope to see your faces again in the capstone course a few months from now.

This gateway course was challenging, revealing, time consuming, and even sometimes fun.  I have to say thank you to our wonderful, patient writing sensei Shelley who poured her heart and soul into making sure we had what we needed to get this portfolio done.  So here it is, my E-Portfolio, my baby, the little demon that’s sucked such a huge amount of my time this semester, and the compilation of years’ worth of hard work in all my concentration courses.  All boiled down to one little link:


Have a look, I hope you like it, and I bid all of you the best of luck.

Bye for now,