Better Get Started…

Wow. After reading through some of the portfolios from the fall cohort, I am left completely speechless. I have never been an avid blogger, or for that matter writer, so the thought of creating a portfolio as polished and put together as those I have seen seems quite overwhelming. Although I look forward to seeing where this projects takes me, and where it ends up, in all honesty, it seems pretty unattainable as of this moment.

I’d have to say the thing that surprised me the most was variety of writing I saw in the portfolios. It appears as though we are able to include any piece of writing in our portfolio that we choose, which I think will be challenging, yet expressive of our own unique personalities and styles outside of this particular course. Although we haven’t done a ton of writing for this course as of yet, the writing we have done, specifically the “why I write” piece will be very helpful, and more or less the foundation for when we create our portfolios.

However, I definitely think that I am worried about the process of creating the online portfolio more so than the assembly of the actual content. I am not a tech savvy person, so the idea of creating a webpage with pictures and drop-down menus seems pretty much impossible. Just the other day in class, Joey and Sal had to teach me how to rotate a PDF file on my computer so I could read it without turning my computed sideways. Like I said, technologically challenged. On an average day, my relationship with technology usually ends in the same manor as the scene in office space with the fax machine. If you haven’t seen this movie, you should (I would link the full clip, however the language is rather vulgar, so if you’re interested, check it out for yourself!). That being said, I think the portfolio will be a great way for me to explore new horizons in the field of technology…perhaps with a little help from a friend!

In terms of the actual content in the portfolio, I am slightly concerned about showcasing my rough drafts. I am a bit self-conscious about my writing, and I know that my first draft, second draft, third draft etc. are simply not good. Thus, I feel as though having others read these pieces is not an accurate reflector of my writing capabilities. However, I know that drafts are an important part of the writing process and it may be interesting for readers to see how certain pieces of writing developed from start to finish. Realizing how much work I will need to put into this portfolio has been an extremely important part of this blog assignment, because I think I severely underestimated the amount of time it is going to take. So, I guess I better get started!

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  1. Hello Erin Paige! I am from the Fall Cohort, and I just want you (and the rest of the winter cohort) to know that none of us knew what we were doing either. Like seriously. But we figured it out, and you will too, I promise! Good luck!

  2. Because I haven’t started playing with my portfolio yet, I agree with you that I think it is attainable. Once I start working on it and realizing how difficult all of the technical aspects of it will be I will probably change my mind. However, for now I am looking forward to doing a bunch of creative things with mine.
    I’m also a little concerned with showcasing my work, which I talked about in my blog as well. It’s definitely going to be weird putting things up that are not your best work. Besides rough drafts I am also thinking about papers that I might decide to include from old classes in which I was a less experienced writer. In class we talked about how we are constantly critiquing our writing and that it won’t ever be finished, so I guess I should have expected something like this to happen.

  3. Love the office space reference. I have to agree with you about being a little self-conscious about submitting all my writing material because there are often those pieces that when you look back on them, you wonder why you ever consider it to be a quality piece of writing, especially the drafts. However, I imagine that in a community such as our own in this minor, we are all on the same page and subsequently be just as forgiving.

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