Color Me Purple

One of the first things that stuck out to me while going through the e-portfolios and blog posts of last semester’s cohort was this line:

“…In any aspect of life it’s important to be a versatile person.”¬†

I agree with this 100%. One of the most challenging tasks for prospective employees in today’s job market is showing how they are significantly different¬†from others and how versatile they are, and are often faced with a similarly difficult task of compiling a concise but creative and representative set — in a portfolio, resume, what have you — of their accomplishments and past work. I think working on this e-portfolio will be a great experience and, in the end, a big advantage with respect to showcasing our writing skills and ¬†technological know-how.


That said, I explored these e-portfolios keeping in mind the suggestions Tierney and Pearson laid out in the piece my blog group read for Monday. For each e-portfolio, I tried to ask myself what the creator’s intent was, clicking around and revising my “reading” of the portfolios at every turn: Why did they include this picture? Why did they include this quote? How did they decide on each piece of writing to include? What does this say about what/how they think of themselves as a writer? Each question led to a revision of purpose as I read; even though it’s sometimes hard to actively think about what you’re reading this way, I realized you do get much more out of the whole experience when you ask questions as you go.


I could definitely tell that many of the students had a particular agenda with their e-portfolios: many focused on the artistic and aesthetic value of their portfolios, which is just really awesome. Others were heavily research-focused, with the bulk of their showcased work emphasizing their academic work. I think I’m going to try to have to strike a balance between making my e-portfolio aesthetically pleasing as well as diverse; what else am I going to want to show off besides essays I’ve written for classes? This is going to be something I’ll have to really think about as the semester progresses…


I’m really excited to see where my e-portfolio goes by the end of the semester. I hope it looks as cool as most of last semester’s do; they’ve definitely set the bar high for us!

Also… did anyone else realize we could use colors here???!!!

2 thoughts to “Color Me Purple”

  1. Allie,

    Definitely just tried clicking your colored text at the end your post – I thought it was a link. Well done.

    More seriously, though, I liked what you brought up about versatility and how it is such an important thing to have. Not only is it important to have versatile capabilities (both academic and emotional), but I think versatility in your life is important too. Being versatile allows us to enjoy everything around us while also adapting to different contexts.

    I didn’t really think to “ask questions” about everyone’s E-Portfolios. Why did we include these things? Who is our audience and why would they care about this or that? I’m glad that you brought it up (though it adds an entirely new complexity to the process).

    We’ll just have to figure it out as we go…


  2. Hey, Allie.

    I didn’t think as much as you did about the writer’s intentions when I was browsing through the e-portfolios. But you raised some good questions. They gave me a new way of looking at the e-portfolios.

    Do you have a vague idea of the kinds of writing that you’d like to show in your own e-portfolio?

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