What About You “Barney”

It’s easy to be Barney, especially as a writer. I wrote a whole paper about Why I Write, and I still don’t even know who I am as a writer. What do I sound like? Am I consistent in all of my writing? It’s hard to answer these questions because I often don’t listen. If I have a paper due at 11:55 pm, I get it done and never look at it again. I check for errors but I rarely analyze my writing as if I was the reader. I should because it would definitely help me grow as a writer. But like Barney and his flaws, I just don’t even listen.

After glancing over the fall cohort’s eportfolios, I’ve determined that my eportfolio will need to present me as a writer. It will need to go beyond simply Why I Write (although that’s part of me as a writer) and present material that explores who I am as a writer.

So that brings up a new question. What do I want to sound like? Unlike Barney, I can’t just ignore the truth (although it would be easier). As of right now, I think my eportfolio will center around this question. Maybe for a job application, I will want to show more of my research-based and argumentative style of writing. Or show blog posts for my friends. There are many different aspects of my writing that I want to show depending on my audience. Perhaps I should start there and look over all of my writing. Now that they have faded out of my memory maybe I can be the reader this time.

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  1. I think your e-portfolio has a chance to do all of the things you mentioned above. Why not showcase all of your writing styles? As a writer, you certainly don’t stick to one style (even if you may prefer one over the others). You could use your e-portfolio to demonstrate your versatility, and how you’re not a one-trick pony.

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