Hello, E-Portfolio.

Here it comes.  Another horribly daunting assignment.  Another chance for me to ponder a multitude of, mostly terrible, ideas before I decide one.  Except this time, unlike the “Why I write” paper, the process will be dragged out from now until the end of the semester.  Hello E-Portfolio.  Welcome to my life.

As of now, I see my E-Portfolio being somewhat professional.  I would like to include it on my resume as another outlet for potential employers to get to know me.  However, I think it would be a great idea to include all sorts of writing.  Anything the I am proud of and shows “me.” Whether that is a poem, a research paper, or that repulsive “Why I Write” essay.

I want to make my E-Portfolio simple.  I want to make it to be aesthetically appealing and easy to navigate.  Mostly easy to navigate.  It shouldn’t be as complex as this (aaand here’s my obligatory media in my blog post).

But seriously.  I don’t know what I’m going to make out of it.  I think I’ll just have to go through trial and error.  I need to choose an audience and run with it.  We’ll see.  I wonder what it will look like in the end…


3 thoughts to “Hello, E-Portfolio.”

  1. Hello Andrew Schwartz, I am from the Fall Cohort, and just want to say that I know it sounds daunting, but you will get there. I had no idea what to do with mine for the longest time, and neither did anyone else. You are right, “This Too Shall Pass.”

  2. Hey, Andrew.

    It seems that you want your e-portfolio is going to be geared toward future employers. What kinds of writing do you plan to put up there to give a good picture of yourself? And do you think you’ll alter your e-portfolio depending on the kinds of job you’re trying to get?

  3. Andrew,

    I think our e-portfolios would be a great addition to your resume; it gives prospective employers a cool opportunity to see you as the writer you really are, in the way you’ve chosen to present yourself (which of course puts on a bit of pressure but it is definitely to your advantage).

    I, too, want to make sure my e-portfolio is easy to navigate; I feel like the workshop we had a couple days ago was way too short to get a good feel for how to go about doing this, but I think we can get the hang of it by playing around with WordPress a little more over the next few weeks…

    Can’t wait to see how your e-portfolio turns out! (Cool video, by the way.)

    – Allie

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