The Reason?

Writing is a long process, with first drafts, second drafts, and the list goes on. Not only is it a long process but it’s also a pencil tapping, hair pulling, nail biting process. I could make a list as long as a servant’s duties for his King about how I write. About how I when I’m getting closer to a deadline I wake up with it hanging over my head. About how I go throughout the day thinking about how I’m going to accurately argue my point. About how I try to do every trivial thing around my apartment before having to sit down and think through the first draft of my paper.
Thinking through the list of how I write is mind-boggling and as frustrating as that list sounds I can’t even begin to make myself understand why I do it. These are the thoughts that are going through my head as I try to sit down and compose an essay telling myself and other people the reasons I write. It is so challenging to think about why I put myself through so much paranoia in wondering if my sentences run too long, my commas are in place, if my conclusion is strong, or if my arguments are clear and support my thesis statement.
The only conclusion I have come up with is because my teachers make me. The University of Michigan makes me. And most importantly society makes me. I write because I have a Twitter, Facebook, and unlimited text messages. Society provides those for me. These are the most accurate reasons I could think up. So you can probably see my challenge in writing an essay explaining exactly why I write when my reasons do not extend upon three or four sentences. Solving this problem will probably result in going back to my rituals under the topic of How I Write. Interesting ideas tend to stem from those processes.

One thought to “The Reason?”

  1. Writing is really difficult. I can totally relate to the process you are talking about. The looming of a paper due, thinking about what you want to say way before you ever sit down to write. I think maybe that is what makes writing so satisfying in the end, though. I hate the process a lot of times, but when I get on a role and I know what to do I am so satisfied. Maybe that is how the idea of “How I Write” is connected with “Why I Write.” It seems a little frustrating to think about the reasons why we write, especially when most of the things we write are forced upon us, but I think its necessary to look past the “have to” and toward what happens when we write. Hopefully that can help connect how to why for this essay.

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