We Have Not Yet Begun to Write!

In looking over some sample e-Portfolios from years past, I started to think about the writing I’ve done thus far this semester and at the university.  I considered not only how I’ve grown as a writer, but also the amount of work that goes into the process of converting a page full of brainstormed ideas into a written draft and ultimately a “final” copy.

I took into mind the profile formats of each person’s e-Porfolio in terms of the drop-down tabs categorizing each unit.  In doing this, I was amazed at how many links to their work were available and how much writing we still have to do in this class.  I did find it interesting, though, that an assignment that they too had to complete was that of “Why I Write.”

I am definitely looking forward to this project, but I don’t want to fool myself into thinking it’s going to be easy.  Just in the 5-10 minutes I spent viewing some of the portfolios, I got a sense that the hour count on this assignment is going to rack up quickly; but like I said in my “Why I Write” final draft, “with great struggle comes great reward.”

One thought to “We Have Not Yet Begun to Write!”

  1. Yeah, besides the crazy amount of work designing the website, I cannot imagine how much of that will be just piecing together all of those essays and then creating them! I do hope you are right when you say that with the great struggle the great reward will come around as well.

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