Writing about Topics to Write about Writing…

I’ll start with what I’m finding difficult with this assignment: everything.  Well not everything.  I guess I’m just having a very hard time figuring out a different way to look at the prompt because I spent a lot of time on my personal statement for the MIW talking about, “Why I Write.”  I put a lot of thought into it, too.  And at the time I thought I figured it out.  Actually, I write to figure things out.  I write to learn.  I write to express myself.  But as I sit down to complete the first essay for this class (and this blog post in particular), I am realizing that there has got to be more to my writing than that…

Let’s be honest here.  When I received the email Monday that the draft of our essay was not due this week, I was relieved.  But here I am, 36 hours later, still trying to wrap my head around the prompt.  I would like to use this essay as a means to figure something else out.  Something I haven’t thought much about.  Writing to me is a medium to accomplish things like this.

What if I used this essay to figure out something completely random?  I would write about something that might not be related to writing, but something that I will understand better by writing about it.  And in turn, I will have demonstrated, “Why I Write.”

I sincerely apologize for this blog post.  I’m struggling.  I want to make something of this essay, but I don’t yet know how.  I’ll end with this: a potential topic for my round about “figure-something-out-and-demonstrate-“Why I Write”-paper.  I saw a movie last summer that stuck with me.  It’s called Waking Life, which is about lucid dreams, philosophy, etc.  Anyway, a line in there said, “The worst mistake that you can make is to think you’re alive when really you’re asleep in life’s waiting room.”  What does that mean?  And how does it apply to my life?

One last thing.  If I were the only one that would see this post, I would have been fine with how little I said.  However, because this is a blog, a place for my peers to read my work and my ideas, I feel obligated to match the length and intellectual integrity of other posts.  Silly blogs…

3 thoughts to “Writing about Topics to Write about Writing…”

  1. “The worst mistake that you can make is to think you’re alive when really you’re asleep in life’s waiting room.”

    I know it’s weird that I had to quote from your quote, but I like quotes and honestly, was really excited when I read your blog post. And I feel that if you kept writing, you would ultimately end up touching on subjects on reality, perception, and maybe Eastern Religion… or maybe I’m biased, because that is probably what would happen to me.

    Now, back to the essay: I’m in the same boat in terms of having expectations for my essay. Writing is a great way to transfer thoughts into your head into something organized and structured. It is a good way to record your thinking process. It is good for many, many things. At the same time, I think you should also consider writing as not always necessarily a tool for momentous, heavy thinking. It could be as simple as capturing a moment or recording a thought or realization that is already fully developed in your brain. Or maybe you could be writing out of obligation… such as for this “silly blog”.

  2. Andrew, I like how honest you are in writing this post. Although you may feel frustrated with trying to get a firm grasp of what you want to write about, I think that you’re already formulating a very strong theme for your essay, a theme about how you write to figure something out.

    I like what you say about writing the essay about something that will, in turn, show the reason you write. I think how you’re approaching the subject is very interesting because you’re not just answering the question “why do you write?” but you’re also showing your reason. I think this is great. When I write, I tend to end up telling more than showing. So, I think that your approach to this topic is pretty exciting.

    Good luck in completing your essay!

  3. Andrew,

    All of your posts so far have made me laugh (I promise with you, not at you). You’re really honest and you’re writing exactly what most of us are thinking but wouldn’t write. I’m struggling with this blog too for the same reasons, so don’t feel like you’re the only one! So thanks for your honesty.

    I think your idea of figuring something out and thereby showing why you write is awesome and unexpected. The best essays I’ve read in the recent past have similar roundabout ways of telling a story/getting to a point, and the reason that they’re so good is because they make the reader think and make connections, leading them from A to B on some random, interesting path that takes them to a greater point.

    Also, what a deep quote! I sat at my desk for a good ten minutes trying to unravel it. To me it means we have to take action for things we believe in and pushing ourselves beyond what’s comfortable; if not, we might turn old and grey and look back on our lives wishing we had done something more. I think you’re on the right track for doing this with your essay (no pressure, right?). Just push yourself as much as you can and I know you’ll find success.

    – Allie

    P.S. I’ve been looking for a good movie to watch and Waking Life sounds pretty sweet, thanks for mentioning it!

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