I must admit that I have been slacking on the whole “2-3 blog posts per month” phenomenon, to be honest I haven’t even visited the blog since last semester ended.  How weird it is to be sharing our blog with a new cohort!  And I don’t mean weird in an offensive way, I guess the word that I am looking for is “different”.  It is so interesting to sign on to this blog and be able to read posts by people who are doing the same, or similar, assignments that I completed a semester before.  I’ve never had an opportunity like this in a class and I find it extremely valuable.  I also like the fact that I can read someone’s blog and hear their unique voice shine through, without ever seeing their face.  Last semester, I felt that I really got to know most of the members of my cohort through their blogs (and a little bit from class interactions) and I’m lucky that this semester I will still be able to get to know the cohort, even if it is in a slightly more creepy way.  If I ever meet any of you guys, I feel like it will be a little bit like watching a movie after you’ve read the book (“I didn’t picture you like that in my head!”)

I hope all of the new cohort enjoys the writing minor as much as I have so far and I can’t wait to meet you all!


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