My Friends, the Writers

Because I wasn’t able to attend the How I Write session for this month, I’m supposed to be reporting on an interview I have looked up with my favorite writer. Ironically, on Saturday I went to an open mic where two of my friends performed quite a few their own songs, and I got a chance to hear them talk about their writing. I can say they are my favorite writers because I know them personally, right?

Luc actually talked about the process of writing while he was on stage before he began playing. He mentioned that someone once told him that he wrote fake songs, so the song he performed was a real song about how he feels about writing. It was as though I got to hear is “Why I Write” essay in song form! I have to admit, it was kind of hard to hear all of his lyrics because the open mic setting wasn’t really the greatest for understanding lyrics. What I did hear seemed too profound to be a “fake” song, so I think he accomplished his goal. Later that night, he talked about how he writes from experience, but sometimes he has to use stories he isn’t as connected to anymore so he can write about them and perform them better. He joked saying that he tried writing about something that had just happened to him, and he cried through the whole process. For him, writing is about his emotions and stories.

I have so much I could say about my other friend that played that night, but I’m going to try to stick to keeping it about writing. I lived with Lisa this summer and got to experience her writing process the whole time. She would sit in our stairwell to our apartment or on the balcony and play her guitar and sing for hours (which no one minded because she is AMAZING!!!). She would sing the same lines of songs over and over again, while she was writing until she came up with new lines and new ideas. She loved the process. When she would write a song, it was as though she used her writing to process through her life. I remember her talking about one of the lines to her songs, “I’d rather be a homeless saint than a rich man’s wife.” She was expressing her spiritual journey that she was on, learning that she wanted to live for something more than what she has been chasing for such a long time.

For some inspiration for us as writers and a shameless plug for my friend Lisa, I am attaching a video of one of her performances. She just joined a band called Hush, Love which is featuring most of the songs she writes, too, so look out for her in Ann Arbor!

2 thoughts to “My Friends, the Writers”

  1. It’s really great that you are showing such support for your friends. I too have a few musician friends and I know they always appreciate every time I give them a shout out. What I really love about your post is the conversation about real vs fake and having to be a little detached from a topic to truly and accurately write about it. That directly applies to the theme of How I Write but much more to just writing in general. Some topics just have this necessary grace period that must be observed otherwise the product is almost always a scrambled mess with too much emotion clouding the actual message. While granted not all topics are “emotional” and are extremely personal, but with some research topics I think the grace period still applies because if you spend so much time wrapped around on one topic you might lose focus on what the bigger picture really is and then lose the focus in a certain way.

  2. It’s really cool that you have such musically inclined and talented friends. I think the art of music is one of the best mediums through which one can express their thoughts and emotions. Music has the ability to alter our moods, thoughts, and behaviors and more often than not, lyrics are written about personal experiences, triumphs, and struggles. In a way, you could almost say that writing and performing music is like singing a story or letting people listen to your diary.

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