Mind on Overload

Similar to some of the other blogs I have seen already posted, I feel as though the only writing that is left in me is to complain about how much writing I have been doing. Maybe its the sleepless nights and overload on coffee, but my brain feels like it is about to shut down after being in overdrive for so long.

When I get to this point in the semester, it reminds me of how writing is a production. As I write I feel as though I am exhausting everything that my mind can manage to produce. Even while writing this simple blog post, my mind feels like it is pumping all it has into these words. Every once in a while, though, I feel like I catch that break and everything seems to flow. I don’t worry about what I write or how I write it; all I do is let myself go. Unfortunately, this just doesn’t happen enough when its crunch time and due dates are emerging.

I’m also doing a lot of reading right now to study for exams, write about things, etc. Doing both of these things, reading and writing, in mass quanities makes me think about the reading/writing relationship even more. As I read, I feel like I am trying to absorb all I have into my mind like a sponge, but also as a sponge I have to try and squeeze everything out as I write.

Needless to say, I am more than ready for spring break!

One thought to “Mind on Overload”

  1. Trust me, I think we’re all feeling the same way!! I am so glad we’re finally on break! it seems that we always have so much to do one week, and nothing to do the next. I wish the professors could collaborate in such a way that we wouldn’t have to do so much at once so that we could truly learn and appreciate more of the information that is presented to us…you know?

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