After reviewing the e-portfolios from the previous minor cohort, I am really enthusiastic and eager to start my own. I like the thought of using digital media to document and pronounce the aesthetic detail of our journey as writers.

My work in the class so far influences my judgement of the E-portfolios just by simply noticing the blogs that get more attention than others. For example, it appears that the blogs that embed graphics in their posts  not only receive more attention, but have a persuasive undertone that convinces the reader of the idea that their blog is promoting. Thinking about how powerful e-portfolios can be in engaging an audience, persuading my reader of my credibility or authority are all feats that I would like to become more skilled in doing as a writer.

The only question that I have about the sample E-Portfolios concerns the level of transparency and honesty that this platform exposes. It seems that E-Portfolios allow your audience to see in real time the maturity of the author as a writer. So, as a graduate admissions board committee member or  potential employer, I am concerned that such audiences may hold the initial challenges that writers may have experienced earlier in their career against them, despite any growth experienced thereafter.



Brittany Smith

University of Michigan (first year) senior, Detroit native.


  1. Hi Brittany,

    It’s refreshing to see someone who’s already excited to begin the e-portfolios. I think it’s awesome that you can find a lot of meaning and influence in e-portfolios. I don’t notice a lot of things about blogs and views, so I felt clueless at the beginning of this project. However, I think after reading your post, I feel more confident about starting this assignment.


  2. You make a nice point about the transparency of the e-portfolio. On one hand, we want to show the progress we’ve made throughout our writing “career.” Conversely, we want to make sure we protect ourselves from harsh criticism. This can be a fine line to draw. Though, I think if we get it right, the results will be fantastic.

    Are you also worried about certain friends and family members reading your pieces? Or is it mainly your future employers? I still sometimes get nervous about letting the people closest to me read my essays and papers. My immediate family and best friends know me very well and can easily pick up on when I’m not doing my best work.

    How do you plan to use your e-portfolio? Who’s your intended audience? Do you think you’ll provide future employers with the URL to your site? I’m curious to hear how you plan to use your portfolio after this course.

  3. I liked the part when you talked about the vulnerability of letting your readers read your not-so good writing from your first years of college, and not being able to get past that. You totally just vocalized a concern that I have of my own about the portfolio and the sweetland archive too, its like “heck no, I don’t want you to see the crappy essay that I had to write before I came to orientation.” I still am undecided about how I feel about this.

    Also, you mentioned liking the artistic component of design to this project. I wish I did! I feel as though I am the most technologically inept person in the world! Good luck and good work.


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