G-I-A-N-T-S! (…and a Second Look at Blogging)

When I first read Sullivan’s piece, I was truthfully intimidated by this whole idea of blogging. It was a completely foreign medium to me (save for a few blog posts here and there that I had to do for assignments in high school) and I wasn’t exactly sure how to feel about it. The whole idea of displaying my thoughts on a subject on a public forum seemed really daring (and honestly quite scary) to me, let alone the fact that we’d have to put ourselves out there once a week. A few weeks ago, I read through Sullivan’s experiences with judgmental and relentless readers who sent him thousands of e-mails on the regular, and the constant anxiety about keeping up with blog posts… this wasn’t exactly a self-esteem boost.


However, I have to agree with the general consensus of the class – getting to know each other on a casual level, and creating conversations with each other about our common experiences, has been really worthwhile. I actually really enjoy reading everyone’s posts and seeing their take on readings, ideas, etc., and hearing what they have to say about my own opinions. I think it was a good thing to be out of my element, something that’s always a possibility with writing; in the end, it turned out to be something really valuable. What’s more, the influx of comments on our individual blog posts isn’t even close to comparable to what Sullivan receives on a daily basis, so that intimidation factor is reduced exponentially.


For Essay 2, I’m planning on repurposing an essay I wrote for my English 325 class last semester that I called “Thanks for the Tip”; in a nutshell, the essay is about my life as a summer waitress at the Original Pancake House, and how I am rarely compensated enough for the time and effort I put into the job. It was sort of autobiographical, but I’d like the repurposed essay to have a wider-reaching readership. Essay 2 will be somewhat of a research essay that focuses on the psychology of tipping – what causes people to give lower/higher tips?


Obviously, many blogs on the web these days are academic/research-based; I would imagine the readership of these blogs is certainly more critical than those who spend more time on sports/fashion/food blogs. Then again, the flexible nature of blogging can also be way more informal, giving a lot more slack to opinion, and even the occasional typo (something I really can’t be too careful about with essay, unfortunately…).


I always find myself thinking about how (frighteningly) honest blogs are compared to most of the writing we’re used to. I think most of us had weird feelings about posting on here every week, but I also think it’s safe to say that for the most part we’ve enjoyed contributing to this blog and reading what all of our classmates are thinking. Again, taking ourselves outside of our element can be a really good thing… and a really good thing for all of you who get to see my awesome gifs each week…


Yay G-Men!! 🙂

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  1. Allie, I think we all harbored some apprehension toward posting to this blog. Personally, I spent a long time crafting my first post to this blog and I agonized over everything as though I was writing a formal class paper, but now, I tend to work on my blog posts in a much more relaxed manner and I find myself enjoying the process. I absolutely agree with you in that it can be a really good thing to push ourselves out of our comfort zone when we write, be it in terms of medium, genre, etc.

    On a totally different note, where do you get your gifs? I honestly look forward to them now!

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