How I Write

What I liked most about the How I Write assignment is that it forced to be have an honest, and much needed conversation with myself about why I find character in writing. In that way, I appreciated this assignment. But, of course the actual process of writing it I drained, which is not unusual for me to say.
What I had difficulty with though was explaining how the story-telling aspect of this piece takes shape. I wanted to explain how and why I write was directly inspired by the 2008 general presidential campaign. When asked to explain why verbally, I can make sense of the experience of the 2008 presidential campaign gave me reason to become a writer. However, I have trouble actually writing it on paper. I want my writer to feel as moved as I was during the campaign. But, I don’t know the appropriate words to use so that my reader can fully understand where my inspiration comes from.
I also struggle with the tone of this piece. Should it read like an editorial, essay, or blog? I don’t feel confident about my incorporation of Orwell either. I understand what I’m trying to say, but does my audience?
Lastly, I am worried about citation. Given I don’t know what form this piece should take, I don’t know the proper citation to use when referencing sources.
In short, I need help.

Brittany Smith

University of Michigan (first year) senior, Detroit native.

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