“It’s a broadcast, not a publication”

My title is a quote from the article and I feel it is relevant because I think it sums up a lot of the different facets of blogging. A broadcast is something that I associate with being in the now and constantly happening whereas a publication is something that can take up to months to develop. Now that we have begun blogging a little more I am seeing of just how little a publication it is and how correctly the term “broadcasting my thoughts” seems to fit. I also began to realize while reading Sullivan’s “Why I Blog” that I am part of a blog (besides this one) and I didn’t realize it. The blog is this terribly wonderful thing called Reddit or “the front page of the internet.” Reddit is interesting in the sense that it is not just one persons blog, but rather the internet’s blog. Anyone can post on the site and anyone can comment on the posts. There are many different categories and topics to post under as well. The posts are fairly relevant to current events and actual discussions have been found on the site. The site posts mainly images of cute cats and hilarious video game references, but what I think makes it so similar to a blog is the ever changing and constant updating of the posts of all different topics.

One of the guiding questions for this post asked about the different types/genres of writing and I would like to pose a new stance on that question, what about the different types of blogging and writing styles? Sullivan’s blog may be geared towards news in a textual sense, but how about a site like reddit that stimulates conversation through images and video links that are entirely based on external sites? This is why it may have taken me a little longer to realize it was a blog, but the same components are all there, they are just adapted to a different audience that is not entirely text based.

Looking at my repurposing essay, my piece deals with the immigration aspect of America even back to 1492 when Columbus sailed that ocean blue. I think it is a little hard to create a visual alternative from the text, but I think some of that same innovation is necessary to really “repurpose” this essay and not just cut and paste some sections in a different order while adding some new words. I spent so much of my time in the original essay proving different points that in the re-purpose essay I want to spend less time proving and more time discussing and probing deeper into the topic to a point where I may spark some debate as to whether I am accurate.

And for no reason in particular but to show off one of the products of Reddit, or perhaps its a representation for the amount of knowledge I am gaining here at Michigan… nah.

The Beauty of Reddit
The Beauty of Reddit

2 thoughts to ““It’s a broadcast, not a publication””

  1. I think that different types of blogging do change how blogs are perceived. For example, a food blog is obviously not going to have pressure from fans to post instantly. Also, a food blog doesn’t have to worry about opinions as much (although, some people can get pretty mad about bad cooking advice!). Just like any other form of writing, some blogs play a more informative role, some are more for entertainment or opinion. All of these blogs have different types of responses and urgency. Because blogs things are “broadcasted” instead of published, they take on a very different form.
    You’re re-purposing ideas sounds really great! I like the idea of a children’s book that you talked about in class. I don’t know what focus the essay is on, but I know there is a big push for multi-cultural learning in elementary schools right now. Good luck on it!

  2. I can relate to you in that I also more recently realized that websites i regularly frequent, such as perezhilton or 9gag, are, in fact blogs. Although they may not necessarily be in a traditional blog format, each page allows users to post or to comment, and thus the fundamentals of blogging are upheld. Going off of Eva’s comment, I think it is extremely true that “different types of blogging change how blogs are perceived” but I have to add that different types of blogging also change HOW the blogs are written. For example, take various social media accounts…you wouldn’t post the same “status” on twitter, facebook, and linkedin because each media adresses a certain audience in a unique way. An image from 9gag makes this pretty clear, check it out:

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