“Life is a Beach, I’m just playing in the sand”-Lil Wayne

First of all, I would like to give a shout-out to Katie Brown, Dana Narens, and Page Szymanski.  They all made amazing e-portfolios and their works have definitely stimulated positive thoughts in my mind about how I am going to tackle this endeavor.  When I read that I’d be making an e-portfolio when I applied for this minor I thought to myself, “How am I going to do this, and what is an e-portfolio anyway?” I paid particular attention in the orientation meeting for the second cohort of the writing minor when the first cohort talked about their e-portfolios.  The students gave off the impression that the task of making these portfolios was quite daunting.  Therefore, when I saw titles expressing extreme relief by my peers after completing this assignment, I was far from surprised.

Thus far in the class we have done a lot of work with the blog and we have completed our “Why I Write” essay. I appreciate the academic essays on the e-portfolios I’ve looked at and the integration of the blog into the e-portfolios.  As a result of all the blogging I’ve done thus far for this class, I have a new level of respect for bloggers.  I think by reading the blogs in conjunction with the academic essays readers can get a better understanding of the writer. One of the portfolios I read had a few blog posts and snippets of what they were discussing in one of the subsections on the main page.  I liked that because the action allowed the reader to get exclusive insight about the way the author feels about the blog before the reader reads the blog and extracts his or her own meanings.  Another person compiled all their posts and provided a link for inquiring minds to read through all their blogs posts.  I like this as well because it gives the people who are reading your e-portfolio a sense of how much writing you’ve done and it allows the reader to gauge your improvement.  I know I will integrate my blog into my e-portfolio, I just haven’t decided how to do so yet.

In all the e-portfolios I looked at, there was a draft of the “Why I Write” essay, a resume, a bio, and the repurpose assignments were on there as well.  However, I didn’t see a lot of writing from outside of Writing 200 on the e-portfolio.  This was a bit of a letdown because I wanted to see how these people wrote for other classes.  I enjoyed seeing that Dana decided to place her essay for her Communications 381 class that fulfilled her ULWR on her e-portfolio.  I need to get more information on the e-portfolio, but I wish there was more writing, or links to more writing, from outside of writing 200 on them.

Looking at these e-portfolios has definitely given me an idea of how I want to beautify mine.  I saw a lot of beautiful pictures and inspirational quotes on the e-portfolios and there will certainly be some of that on mine as well.   This photo is an accurate representation of everything I envision my e-portfolio being about.

I put this here for multiple reasons.  I intend to have a lot of beaches on my e-portfolio in an effort to beautify my e-portfolio because I love the scenery at the beach.  Secondly, I’ll most certainly incorporate things from my life in the blog.  Thirdly, this is an example of a quote, and I intend to incorporate quotes into my e-portfolio.  Last, but certainly not least, I love well-kept beaches.  I have a tattoo of a beach on my arm—and I am Ronald BEACH, II—so I think incorporating the beach into my e-portfolio is wonderful idea. I am quite excited about the e-portfolios.


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  1. Firstly I would like to speak to your comment about a new-found respect for the world of blogging. I could not agree more with this, as I have now started to see the difficulties of this art form. I think that there may be more pressure on bloggers to produce content at a fast pace, than any other writers. This is especially challenging because readers still expect a high level of rhetorical skill associated with the blog, but also want as much content as quickly as possible.

    I also agree that the most appealing e-portfolio’s were those in which I left the page with a true sense of who that person was and aspired to become. This, in my opinion, will be one of the more challenging tasks associated with this assignment. You mentioned that you were hoping to personalize your portfolio by incorporating aspects of your life into the website. Like, will this include a biography, and if so how in depth will it be? Should it be focused on purely academic topics, or should it truly be about other forces which affect my writing style? I am curious as to what these aspects may be, partially because I may steal some of your creative choices…

  2. First of all–awesome title.

    Also, I was wondering what writing I would put on my portofilo and the down-side of putting a lot of academic work is that sometimes out of the context of the class, the paper isn’t quite as meaningful. For example, I wrote a paper about Aristotle’s view on the function of human beings and what that says for human fulfillment last semester, but unless you were familiar with the reading we did, the essay wouldn’t mean a whole lot to you. You wouldn’t have the context to fully respond and appreciate the argument. But, that being said, most of my writing work is academic! I think when making the portfolio’s it will be important to “sell” your academic work and make sure it’s explained so the reader can truly appreciate all the work you put into it.

    I saw the portfolio with the blogs too and thought it looked very neat, but I don’t know if I’ll have that courage with mine. I still have reservations with people reading my blog work. Do you face any similar feelings?

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