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Yesterday our class took a field trip to North Quad to gain some insight into writing from professional writers themselves. We met Melody and Joshua, who took us through their careers, motivations for writing, favorite genres, and personal (and slightly quirky) advice. Melody mentioned her process of taping her work to the kitchen wall in her apartment, and taking scissors to it in order to understand the bigger picture of her work. She reaches a point in her writing where it no longer makes sense to her on the computer screen. Displaying her work on the wall allows her attach points and ideas to others and develop her train of thought more concisely.

Joshua talked about his writer crush, who is a Russian (I think?) poet is prolific at what she does. He also talked about the long hours he puts into his trade, and how he can’t always be around people while writing. He is picky about who he gives his work to, but makes sure to at least try to see how those comments whom he trusts would work with his idea. This is where one of his main points emerged: the revision process is never final. Joshua encouraged us to explore many different venues with our writing in order to find new inspirations or ideas. He stressed that you can always go back to what you had. We asked Joshua for comments on repurposing essays,¬†at which point he elaborated on his trifecta of writing genres. As a fiction, poetry, and screen writer, Joshua knows what it takes to switch up his styles and appeal to different audiences.

I thought it was beneficial to get to speak with real writers, mostly because I don’t believe I’ve ever really met a writer, which sounds bizarre. I certainly have never talked to a writer about his or her writing practices. I gained some good tips and motivations to improve my own writing throughout the minor.

In the spirit of interviewing writers to hear their opinions and strategies, here is one of my favorite interviews from Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court John Roberts:



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  1. Not sure why my link wouldn’t upload the video, or display in my post. Also my last paragraph didn’t appear. I concluded by discussing the Justice’s comments, saying that he outlines the benefits of sound writing not only in the legal profession but in virtually all aspects of life.

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