My “Portfolio” Will Go On

I am going to just go right ahead and say it: Oh sweet jesus what have I gotten myself into?

Contrary to the title of this post I am not really drawing any correlations between my portfolio and the Titanic… yet. With that being said, looking at all the posts from last semester and their reactions to creating the incredibly in-depth and extravagant portfolios, my first reaction (and still kinda my reaction) was to pick my jaw up from my keyboard.

Jaw Dropping
Jafar and the Genie know how I am feeling.

So theres that… but, I must say that I am weirdly excited for this endevaor. I know how these types of projects can go, they start out, “oh man I have such a great idea this is gonna be a blast putting it together!” Then it’s two weeks before the deadline and I’m still all, “Oh it’s nearly crunch time, even though I haven’t thought about it too much I’m confident I’ll be fine.” Then it’s 24 hours before the deadline, “WHY WASN”T I JUST DOING THIS LITTLE BY LITTLE ALL SEMESTER LONG?!” And finally, 30 seconds before turning it in, “Welp, I tried.” It’s the kind of project that can form camaraderie across the class and can still be terribly painful.

So aside from my dramatics, I feel like I have said this, and will continue to say it, I am excited for how introspective this e-portfolio/minor will be. I get to take all of my works and dedicate a website to them. I know I will be going through each piece meticulously, looking for a very specific reason to include them and I will find a theme to run along side those works I have selected. From what I have seen, no two blogs are remotely related to each other and every person has their own style, layout, and theme they want to convey to whoever is visiting their site. This evidence of individuality is not only in the portfolios created, but the writing itself. That to me, translate on how personal this assignment can become because of how personal writing itself can be. Over the course of the portfolio, I will literally have no choice but get to know myself as a writer. Which I think can only help me going forward, both as a writer and as a person overall.

This idea of going forward is what I am so excited about. When I am done with this class I will have a very tangible artifact that I can refer to forever (assuming SOPA doesn’t censor it) and I can look back on it with great admiration.

Do I feel overwhelmed? Always. However, I know that the first cohort survived their portfolios, and I am confident that I, and the rest of my cohort, will be able to create spectacular portfolios.


Is completing the portfolio even possible? Yes it is.
Is completing the portfolio even possible? Yes it is.

4 thoughts to “My “Portfolio” Will Go On”

  1. Haha, Sal, I’m pretty sure that our reactions to the e-portfolios were exactly the same. I could not believe the level of detail and quality of craftsmanship of each individual page and the projects as a whole. Freshman year, in 125, our final task was to create our own e-portfolios, using something other than wordpress, and the process was nothing short of a torturous nightmare because of this. I can see this project being insanely time-consuming, but, like you, I am weirdly sort of excited to get started with it…and more importantly, to see everyone’s final products!

  2. Overwhelmed? Yes, but I’m actually pretty excited, too. I have never done anything like this, so it will be a unique experience for me, but I think it’s going to be a great tool.

    When you talked about meticulously going through old papers to decide what to include, I remembered that I thought the same thing when going through everyone’s portfolios. When going through old essays for our most recent assignment, I realized that a lot of the things I write about have to do with the same themes (mostly social-justice-type stuff for me). So, if you are anything like me you won’t have problems finding some organization and even your identity in the pieces you choose. Similar to how Orwell always had to write about totalitarianism or other political issues, I think we will see how we actually are quite repetitive.

  3. Haha, I legitimately laughed out loud to a couple of things in this post. I am pretty sure we all know the “well…I gave it the ‘ol college try” feeling, and I have to agree that this may be one of those types of projects. Although I am slightly intimidated by technology, I have had a number of “visions” regarding the outcome of my polished portfolio. That being said, it is highly unlikely that my true portfolio will ever turn out exactly the way I have it planed in my head. Although this may be frustrating, I am sure each and every single person’s portfolio will turn out perfectly in it’s own way. It will be a challenging feat, but as you said, we will survive the creation of these portfolios, just as the class before us did!

  4. I agree with Eva on the overwhelmed but excited feeling. I’ve also used the whole “I tried” mindset especially toward end of the year projects. I really like your blog post especially because you seem to be the voice for a lot of us through your comments. The one I most closely relate to is the jaw drop! Good post!

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