Patient is Not Yet My Virtue

I’m sure the people in my writing group will be sick of me reiterating this, but I do not write fiction. Never have, and really never was planning on it. When I examined the re-purposing assignment, it became clear that I was going to have to leave my comfort zone of academic argumentation and essentially try something new. While I initially planned to do a short story, a combination of a busy mind and too much caffeine led me to an entire night of reflection in bed. Somewhere around my fourth hour of trying to determine whether the bathtub above me is going to fall through the ceiling, because that crack may or may not be getting bigger, I decided to get up and do something productive. I have absolutely no idea what compelled me to write a poem, but it was probably the mixture of delirium from a lack of sleep and mold spores that may or may not be present in my foul living abode.

As I tried to write this poem, it became clear that I have serious issues with my patience, which is something I have tried to work on previously. I could not figure out why this was so difficult, there weren’t even that many words. Those seventy words took me just as long as a five page paper would have, and at the end I had no idea if it was good or utterly awful. But I think writing is very similar to lifting weights. Initially, it sucks and you’re sore and your brain hurts, and can be discouraging because results are not immediate. However, one must remain patient in the initial stages and continue to practice, (or continue to go to the gym) and results will eventually come. But if you can get over that hump, you will have “REAL strength” as my dad always says. Hopefully, as I writer and others in this class, can push through this initial stage of discomfort to eventually add another genre to our respective repertoires.

3 thoughts to “Patient is Not Yet My Virtue”

  1. I think you should not feel discouraged. You are pushing yourself out of your comfort zone as a writer, and that is the place will you will start to see personal and writing growth. A quote I think applies here: “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.” I really respect that you are trying to write fiction and do other things you are not familiar with. I could work on pushing myself to write in areas I am less comfortable with too.

    Also, in regards to your poem, like you wrote, have patience and faith in your writing. I thought the poem was such a great way to look at the housing market crisis. It put a lot more power behind it I think and conveyed things more clearly. For example, when you referred to the faulty lenders as thieves–I never thought about it that way and it helped me make better sense of what happened.

  2. I agree with being unaccustomed to creative writing, especially poetry. I liked it in high school, but haven’t participated in its majesty as of late. The thing about poetry is that it’s hard to say what is good and what isn’t. With an academic argument, you either get it right or you don’t. Who’s to say your poem is sub-par though? It’s such a personal and introspective genre that it doesn’t lend itself to the conventional merit based grading system. As long as you reflect yourself and feelings in your piece, I don’t think others can detract from it.

    I thought your poem was attractively absract; it reads like some deep poet wrote it. I think you’re better at it than you give yourself credit. However, we are also concerned with it reflecting the original genre. I think yours does sufficiently cover the main idea of your original political science paper. Keep up the potent poetry.

  3. Skylar

    I appreciate your effort to write a poem. Albeit you have expressed to us on multiple occasions that you don’t write non-fiction, I am inclined to agree with Chris, the poem was not too bad. It could be a little clearer, but overall I understood the message you were trying to convey. I like writing stories, but I hate writing poetry, so I admire you for even making the attempt to express yourself like that for an assignment. There is no way that I would write a poem for an assignment if I had a choice. I was actually seriously considering becoming an English major here at Michigan last year, but when I saw that one of the pre-requisite courses for the English concentration was intro to poetry I decided to explore other concentrations.

    I am going to miss this blog group, I feel like we have a connection and now that we have to split up it will be heartbreaking. Work through that poem and work through your re-mediation, you definitely have my support if you need it. I am confident in your abilities produce an awesome poem for this re-purpose assignment. You certainly have the knowledge of the event that is necessary to write the poem because I know your original assignment is in-depth and clear. Now it is just about you finding powerful and meaningful words to help you condense your paper into a poem. You have a very broad vocabulary; use some of those million dollar words you know to help you conquer this assignment. You will do great.

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