Pay Attention!

…Is the phrase that I would use to summarize what I took away from the evening of the “How I Write” event. And I guess to explain what means, I’d have to explain how I normally write.

When I write, whether it’s for an assignment in class or for my own purposes, I’ve never really “paid attention” to what I was writing. Now, that’s not to say I was writing gibberish or completely BSing my way through writing assignments, but rather that I never paid attention to the words and how they related back to my own developing writing skill.

When Melody was speaking about her drafting process, I was both awed and shocked at the time which dedicated to revisiting and revising her papers. I personally find it hard to revise multiple times, as after the first revision, I often like to think of my paper as “complete”. Sometimes I even had to push myself to revise it once. AndI’ll be the first to admit, I don’t like changing too much on the first drafts of my papers.

When Melody described the way that she paced herself when writing and editing, it made me think of ┬áboth creative and nonfiction writing as perfecting an art, and it didn’t have to be a negative thing where “we spot all the things we’re doing wrong”. I think that I’m beginning to see how revising as a way of reflecting and paying attention to what, how and why you write.

What I used to think revisions meant...

Also, hen Perry spoke about his creative outlets, he seemed very in tune with his own purposes and reasons for writing and creating screenplays. Despite the fact that he has some road blocks such as editing and revising something to fit a certain requirement, he takes time to listen to his own voice in his works. I doubt that he would’ve been as successful of a writer if he only wrote and never re-purposed it again.

Overall, I’ve become a little more confident about the re-purposing assignment for Draft 2, and I hope that I can remember all of these great things that were said as I rewrite about why I write.

And now, a picture for your enjoyment:

2 thoughts to “Pay Attention!”

  1. Diana, you make an excellent point about the revising process: we grew accustomed to viewing it as a negative one. Both Melody and Josh emphasized the difficulties of making edits and revisions but acknowledged the importance of re-examining one’s work. I really like how you describe this period as one of “reflection.” I think we sometimes get caught up in our writing and need to take some time to step back and look at our work with a critical eye.

  2. As with Mark I do like your strong point about the revising process, but (maybe because I missed the How I write Event) the thing that stuck out to me the most was this idea of paying attention. I’m with you on this idea that sometimes I don’t pay attention when I’m writing. That doesn’t necessarily mean that I am BSing or anything like that, but it definitely is holding my writing back. By paying attention while writing I could save a lot of time in the revising proccess. I’m interested in hearing about how you/other writers go about paying attention and how it has benefited you. Good work.

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