Short Blurb about Today’s Class

One of the things I love about Writing 200 is that every class feels like growth for I always learn something new or our class tries something new. Today, we got together with our little groups and we just talked about writing in a way I’ve never done before. One person stood in front of the white board before us and talked to us as if he or she were giving a sales pitch. It didn’t feel confrontational, but rather constructive and interactive. Writing, for the first time in my life, felt like teamwork.

One thought to “Short Blurb about Today’s Class”

  1. Regina,

    I loved Wednesday’s class too! It was really interesting to work together as a team rather than one-on-one to help someone out with their writing. I felt like it was exponentially more constructive and that everyone in our group enjoyed it. Five heads are definitely better than one!

    – Allie

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