Sigh of Relief

WOW! I did not know how helpful and e-portfolio could be, and this is coming from a person who has done one before! As I looked through the portfolio’s I realized that they can be specific to whatever you want them to be. It’s a longer yet more interestingly convincing resume. My first reaction was, “I can’t wait to have one of these bad babies to impress my employers!”

I also really enjoyed the themes, I think this gives space for people to really get to know the type of person you are. It almost seems like a more professional Facebook page. One kid, Joseph Elliot, had the theme “Opposites Attract” and he had a cool quote related, “Life is a series of pulls back and forth. You want to do one thing but you are bound to do something else.” And you can see how his quote relates to that theme and it is also throughout his writing included on his portfolio. I just think this e-portfolio is very unique because it can really tell somebody about the type of person you are versus the things you have done.

In class we’ve talked some about the type of writers that we are and how that relates to our life. I think those discussions are great set-ups toward discovering themes for our e-portfolios. Especially the first essay “Why I Write” a lot of people expressed how writing relates to their careers and how it has been a theme throughout their lives. In getting us thinking about that it will definitely help us in forming our e-portfolios. I am definitely more at ease about the portfolios. Before I was really concerned about how I would “pull it off”. But I’ll just talk about my life as so consistently explained throughout many e-portfolios from the Fall Cohort. So, I’ll just take a sigh of relief.

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