So, about this whole “blogging” thing…

I have to admit, I was not thrilled with the idea of posting in a blog every week on the first day of class. I’ve tried it before, and it has never seemed to be an appropriate creative outlet for me. However, I am definitely pleased with the way our class blog has been going thus far, because it has allowed me to get to know my classmates on a more personal, yet somewhat casual level. Specifically, I think the blog has made it much easier for me to work collaboratively with my peer group.

In regards to Sullivan’s article, I can’t say that I initially thought there was much of a difference between “writing” and “blogging” but it turns out, I couldn’t have been more wrong. I recently found myself thinking about blogs that I frequently read, when Perez Hilton’s website came to mind (…don’t judge me). I then realized that Sullivan’s article brought up an extremely valid point: a huge difference between writing and blogging is that we, as an audience, expect real time results in terms of current events. For example, immediately following the superbowl halftime performance I hopped on Perez to see his analysis of the show, only to find out that Madonna was lip synching and M.I.A. apparently flipped off the camera! Although this information may not be vital to my life in any  way, shape, or form, I still expected it to at my disposal immediately.

In terms of my repurposing essay, I chose to work with a piece that I wrote for my philosophy class last term regarding the immorality of adderall use on college campuses to enhance academic performance. The original piece was geared more-so around the question: is it immoral, or is it not immoral to use these prescription drugs. However, I hope to repurpose my essay as an argumentative piece targeted at students regarding why they should not take these drugs, because although it is not specifically adressed by the university, using prescription neuro-enhancers is, in fact, analogous to cheating.

Although I am sure that many of you watched the superbowl earlier tonight, I have to admit that I was tuned into animal planet all evening watching the notorious Puppy Bowl VIII. If you haven’t heard of it, it is probably the best television program broadcasted all year, here’s a clip from kitten halftime…please tell me Madonna and LMFAO are better than this!

I’ll leave you guys on that note! See you all in class tomorrow!

3 thoughts to “So, about this whole “blogging” thing…”

  1. So I don’t frequently go to blogs for instant information, I think I do use facebook in the way you are describing. I get online when something happens to see all the status posts people are making about that event, like Madonna or the Superbowl. It’s interesting that the online format of things, makes us expect instant information. I guess that is also why we see our blog here as a good way to communicate with our group. We can communicate instantly even when we are away from the classroom. It helps us get to know each other in our own convenience.
    Your re-purposing assignment sounds interesting! Would it be similar to something published in the Daily or another student newspaper? Also, is it going to be focused completely on the moral aspects or also the health aspects of using prescription drugs? I look forward to reading it when we do peer reviews (assuming that we will still be in the same peer review groups next time around).

  2. I think you raise a very valid point in mentioning Sullivan’s acknowledgement that we as humans desire real time results in response to real, live events. Though I did not look to Perez Hilton’s website/blog for Superbowl halftime commentary, I did notice that Twitter was exploding with people’s takes on the show; especially in terms of the M.I.A bird flipping and Madonna’s lip syncing. This shows how immediately social networking/blogging is used to respond to live programming. Though I’m sort of embarrassed to admit, I too caught myself watching the Puppy Bowl on Sunday afternoon.

  3. Only slightly judging you for going on Perez Hilton’s website, but i do share your sentiments about this weekly blogging thing. Not a fan originally and currently still undecided, but I must say that I am enjoying it much more than I originally thought I would. I am really interested to see your repurposing essay and to read the original as well because, being a college student, the topic pertains to me indirectly but also directly and I would like to know more about it as well as hear your side of the story. So I am looking forward to reading it.

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