The Moment

I watch a lot of Basketball. My favorite team is the Los Angeles Lakers (you know the team with three All-Stars and the greatest player, Kobe Bryant). I watch a lot of their games, and I read a lot of their articles. The most exciting games are those when the shooting is incredible. The shots come off of great assists and the team works together. And then the game gets to that moment where the entire stadium rises up and the person in the air shooting will determine their team’s fate.

Everyone in the stadium is watching the ball, but I’m looking at the player. I’m looking to see when their face turns from anticipation to joy, gloom, or “my bad”. I’ve been in one of those stadiums, I’ve experienced the excitement. I’ve watched an entire stadium anticipate a score only for their dreams to be shattered once the buzzer sounds.

As I read the article the next day, you don’t get that feeling. And I wonder if those moments can be captured in writing so emphatically that even readers that weren’t present could feel them? I wonder if readers can actually know how it felt to be there. How it felt for the players? Or how it even how it felt for the fans? Can such a great moment really be expressed in writing?

If there exists such writing I want to read it, and if there isn’t I want to write it. I want to write about how it really feels to be in the moment. Not to just to express great moments in sports but just great moments period. Because it just feels so good.


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  1. I suppose a way that such a feeling is created in writing is through cliff hangers. In these kind of stories, authors build up the suspense at the climax of the book/reading and then simply end with some sort of “to be continued”-like ending. I think it would be cool, though, if you could create that feeling in a different way through your writing. Good luck with that and have a great break!

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